[Shopping] - Cash on Delivery

Friday, 17 June 2016

Who doesn't love online shopping? Who doesn't, right??? (men? lol) Anyway, the convenience of online shopping has brought almost majority of beauty products sold online, instagram, facebook, shopify, you name it. Some doubts arise only when it comes to payment. Some people does become victim of online shopping SCAM. Which makes me think WHY DOES ONE HAVE TO TRICK PEOPLE IN BUYING STUFF ONLINE AND JUST SCAM THEM, like WHY? Why not make trying to make a living legit and honest and clean, and trustworthy, right? ANYWAY, setting my frustration over scammers aside, Cash on Delivery makes it a bit relieving upon receipt of your product upon delivery, because you can give it back if it's not what you expect.

Because life is precious.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

I will blog because I want to rant. But I will not rant. :| I dont know.. maybe there are things we cannot control in life. There are things that we can't define. Things happen for a reason. To make us who we are. I hope I can be better.

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