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My "Want List"

I have been thinking of making this list of things that I really really really want to buy, unnecessary things that even if I'm running out of budget I'd still spare some of it until my want for it passes. lol.

So, it might be a long list, might be not, and in no particular order I will list it as how it popped in my head 😂
Iphone X casing - Lifeproof Fré : $89.99Anastacia Brow Pomade in Dark Brown : PHP 1,255Anastacia Brow brush #14 : PHP 1,255Some expensive bag (Coach, MK, Longchamp, Katespade,whatever)Some mid-heeled shoesHP Sprocket - 2/1/19IPAD pro - 2/13/19Apple Pen - 2/13/19Cute laptop bag - 2/13/19Peach colored make-up palette - 3/4/19Revlon Hair Dryer and Volumizer - 3/5/19G-Shock Like Watch - 3/6/19Jan. 28, 2019
Ok this is just some of the things that popped at the moment but I am pretty sure it is long like subconsciously-long. Sometimes I dream about these things and I want to buy them the moment I wake up. Haha! So yeah I think the list will stay this short for n…

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