Neko Atsume : What Sorcery Is This?

January 08, 2016

I lost my precious cats last November 2015 and it's still a pain for me to remember them. They were the sweetest even though they are naturally snobbish, still, the joy that they brought into our lives were priceless. Then came this super cute app that I came to see across my news feed and the rest is history... lol.
As a super cat lover, seeing adorable cats, with breed or local, knocks me off of my feet, like love at first sight. Then this app came along and I went nuts. Haha! I mean seriously, why this cute? Why??? I bought a lot of stuff and toys already and I check this app every once in a while and seeing new cats play makes me really happy. Haha! I am such a sucker for cats. Real or Virtual.

So, what can you actually do with this app? It's nothing action or strategy driven game, this is more of a relax type of game, like petting a real cat. Leave their favorite toy and food at the corner and they will just appear then and there whenever they like to. Just like that. Haha, also, it's a collection type of game, so every cat that visits your place has a photo, only if you catch them while they are playing, if not, they will appear on the catbook but shaded, meaning they were there, but you didn't actually see them play. 


The more expensive the toy you place at the room, the more rare the cats will be. I haven't fully studied the game, but that's what I have read online. Currency is Sardines and Gold Fish, Normal items for Sardines, Premium Items for Gold Fish. You can buy Gold Fishes and have them exchanged for Sardines. You don't have to worry if you don't want to buy, cats leave gifts in form of Sardines and Gold Fish, so make sure that the toys you buy are really favorable for them, also do not forget to always refill your food plate. :)

So, if you are convinced that you want to try this, you may download it on Android and IOS. 
I downloaded both haha. Enjoy and get crazy, or not! :D

Download for IOS

Buy premium food and you may be lucky to catch Tubbs, whose goal is to eat all the food. =))

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  1. I love this app and downloaded it last month. I enjoyed every bit of it! :)

  2. My sister actually downloaded this app and I found it cute. I mean cats are really cute haha :) I hope a dog app like this will also be made :)

    Cheers for animal lovers :D


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