Venice in Piazza, Taguig

January 07, 2016

Have you been to Taguig lately? I bet some of you have and had the opportunity to take a snapshot of the place, and a SELFIE, with just you, family or friends. Actually it's not that bad, only that the volume of people increased a whole lot since the holidays. 

I have seen it last Monday. No shops around the river yet, there are a few restaurants you can eat at the piazza where you can enjoy simple food and all that. I believe there is a LOT to look forward to to this place this year.

The place is undeniably big I bet there will be cinemas and buffet restaurants. That will be a huuuuuge advantage as we, from Mckinley Hill, or some of us, like me, haha, really don't have the time to go out of the vicinity just to watch movies or eat heavy. Also, it will be great for family recreations and the kids will love it more if there will be playpens and fun activities.

Well, it's early to tell what this Venice-like place have in store for us, we have the whole year to wait and see and I couldn't wait to for it. :)

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