My favorite shows OMG!

February 16, 2016

My favorite TV shows aired on my birthmonth and it's uh-mmmmay-zing. It's been months since I was waiting for these two. :) I was really giddy when I heard and realized that the shows aired already because I kind of forgot about them for some time now since I was busy about other things. Now I get to look forward to every Saturday morning and Monday evening. =)

I've been an avid viewer of the Amazing Race since season 19. I didn't really get to start the show from the beginning, maybe because I wasn't introduced properly. :) But I don't bother watching the first season if I get the chance. 

Why do I like this show?
Because watching TAR (The Amazing Race) is like being able to travel the world in front of the television. It's my dream to be on this show really, whether TAR Asia or TAR Philippines. I just don't know how to audition. I heard that the audition is not that easy and they do pick contestants who are good-looking. =) I may want to try though, I really want to :)

I only got to watch Season 1 to 5 last year. I did a marathon for several days and I did get hooked with it. When Season 6 came out, I was like a child waiting for my favorite cartoon to air. =D

Why do I like this show?
Hmmm. I like zombie movies or even games, but not all. I have certain criteria for zombies like how aggressive or unrealistically strong or fast they are. TWD (The Walking Dead) zombies are my type of zombies. Not too smart, not too fast, you can outrun them. haha! =D

So now I have two shows to wait for at the end of the week. =D Bet you also have favorites, share them if you must maybe I'd try watching them and add it on my list. :) 

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