Richonne is a THING.

February 23, 2016

Image from: Inquisitr
Yes they are and it's the most unexpected part of the episode. I mean, the opening scene already gave us little hints, plus some major spoiler greeted me as I opened my Facebook early morning yesterday. Which only made me more excited to watch TWD episode for the night.

TBH, Whatever happened would totally make everything awkward, BUT, it's like falling in love with your one truest friend and whose always been there from the beginning and helped you through a lot. I cannot NOT root for these two because I don’t think there is anything wrong. Richonne is love. Haha!

As someone who admires Andrew Lincoln's character, Michonne is the perfect match. They compliment each other and I really do sound like I'm their number 1 fan. Haha! The Walking Dead couldn't get any better and waiting for a week for surprises is totally worth it.

More Richonne scenes please!!! =)) WHOO! SO MUCH LOVE!



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