February, just like that.

February 29, 2016

This year, February has 29 days, only 2 days short from normal days we have, but seems it's so short it'll be March tomorrow (you don't say, lol). What has February done to me?

Birthday Month.

Yes. Turned a year older and I suddenly felt the "oldies" blues. My back cracking, and only wanting to rest everytime I get home from work. I've been really hot-tempered and always scowling at my kids, which I really want to stop. I've been praying for more patience and understanding, I don't want them to fear me for nothing. But maybe because I turned a year older I became an adult like some who really are impatient and gets irritated quickly. I thank God for the bountiful year and I wish this year, I could even make it a better one, or even the best. =)

Valentine's Day.

Cooked Steak and buttered asparagus and it was delish !!!
Like my birthday, happens every year, but this year's different. We didn't go out, didn't get any flowers, did get chocolates from my brother-in-law and cooked lunch and dinner at home. Economical, yes. =) And well, don't really have to specially celebrate it since it should be Valentine's every day. Only that, things are really different now... really different. Sad different.

New opportunities.

I've been thinking of looking for another venture for my life. I am not young anymore and it will be really awkward for me to look for a new company, but since things are different now, I have to make sure that my life is secured, until the day I die. Bit serious, but I am serious. :)

Ok, so this has no relevance to your life, I will blog one more time tomorrow and be more cheerful I promise. :D

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