One Call Away

February 29, 2016

Is fangirling a sin for a married woman? I don't think so, right? Haha, so obviously this is about Charlie Puth's One Call Away music video. I need to break my sulking and playing this song on loop kind of made me feel better in some way, but I haven’t seen the video really, only today and realized that Charlie Puth is a potential matinee idol.

So this song I personally think is really cheesy. I mean, for a teenager crushing on someone, daydreaming one day they’d be together, holding hands, laughing and kissing and hugging and a lot of cheesy stuff like that, this song is spot on you’d really really end up daydreaming at a corner grinning like a crazy person.

What does it basically has to do with me? Nothing. Haha! Well, I remembered my teen years where in crushing on someone was a hobby. Mind you, I wasn’t in a relationship until I get to college, but yes, having a crush on someone was intolerable. Seeing Charlie’s acting on this video reminds me of how it was like to care about someone you really don’t know and at the same time, that person inspires you a lot. This song brings me a lot of highschool feels and I just can't get enough of the video's story. :)

Look at that face. How cute is that? That face of "kilig" while looking at your crush is so obvious, if not everyone, someone can really notice how you like that person so much.

Can you please, stop ?

You just saw your crush pass by and you get all jumpy and excited.

Feel like an absolute fool when someone else talked to him/her first.

Your worried stare/look that he/she can't notice.

Sighing is the only option.

But you hope that one day, she/he will notice you and that you somehow brighten up her/his day. The best feeling, ever!

Kilig much!

If you haven't watched the video, well then, watch it from here :)

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