Chooseday Madness // 1

March 15, 2016

This week, we will have our annual Team Photoshoot at work and I panicked at the thought that I don't have any new shoes to wear, just for this day. LOL. Fortunately we were able to visit the mall last weekend and guess what? There was an ongoing SALE. Yay!!!

I do not have any favorite brand in particular. You can give me shoes worth PHP 100 and I don't even care, as long as it is comfortable to wear, and looks good on my ginger-like feet. So I was in search in Metro Gaisano at Alabang Town Center for the perfect shoes I could wear to partner it with my corporate dress sponsored by my dear sister. :) I was able to find one which is a Flats, but I really liked it so I bought it.

This baby is for sale at PHP 299

How it looks on me. Sorry can't show the whole body. :P

Too bad, I didn't like any style of their heeled shoes from their shoe racks, so as my sister, so we went to Payless. Wherein, there was an ongoing sale. YAY!!! Their promo??? Buy 1 pair from the regular priced items and the 2nd pair you buy will be 50% off! Imagine that. =)) Funny was, the pairs of shoes that I really liked already had their prices off, so their Buy 1/2nd Pair at 50% off will not apply. Well, it didn't matter because my haul was worth it.

This baby is for sale at PHP 625.00
Aren't they cute? Not too strappy, but not too lousy. So it's just right. :)
I think the heels are about 2.5 to 3 inches.

I've been looking for this style and finally found it. PHP 1,320 and already on SALE, and I'm like, What? Should be PHP 500 or below. lol.
I saw a gorgeous pair of the same style, in BLACK and NUDE and without the gems, at SM Department store worth PHP 899 and I think, I will go back to buy them. lol. 
Nice. But my veins aren't. lol. Heel height's about 4 inches.
Their SALE was just until March 13, 2016. BUT, I believe they still have an ongoing sale on their website. Click the photo to go to their website.

You can also check the nearest Payless store from you here --

I really like the pairs of shoes I've bought from Payless because of the quality and price. It's not too pricey, their sale is REAL and the quality's pretty sturdy. I bought a pair 2 years ago and until now, it's still OK! So if you don't care about the brand and just want quality shoes, visit Payless and you won't regret it. They also have shoes for children and men. :)

Dislaimer: This is not requested by Payless nor anyone from their company. Neither a paid ad. This is just my take on my experience. :) 
I will blog about something if I like it very  much OR I hate it very much. :)

Chooseday Madness: 

This blog will be about something that I choose. Whether it's a product, or a saying, or a movie or a thought or whatever. It'll be about the choices I made that made a difference, mattered, or even the wrong ones, or something. :)

You? Have you had a choice that made a difference or mattered? :)

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  1. I miss the yearly photoshoots that we have! I shop in Payless too when it comes to office shoes cos of it's price and quality. Long-lasting talaga!!! By the way, I choose to quit sugar again! Yaaayyyy!!!

  2. Congrats Karen haha oo quit sugar na, tapos unti unti ka na ulit mag sugar hahaha. Sarap mag shop sa Payless nawawala ako sa sarili lalo na ung mga shoes na tig-500 lang tapos maganda tapos kasyang kasya sakin hahahaha! bibilhin ko sila lahat!!! JOKE!!


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