Cracks on my phone's screen

March 12, 2016

I placed it on the usual spot but then today, the unexpected happen...

I might be over reacting but I was very furious when it happened. I placed my phone on the usual spot, but then my son was jumping and accidentally, a glass bottle fell from the cabinet and fell straight down on my phone. I immediately went from calm mom to monster mom. I hope I didn't scare my son that much.

So that's how it looks like right now. It has cracks on its screen, looking a lot like the app with a crack to prank other people. Although, it still works, I can still use it, but the cracks might hurt me or whoever borrows my phone. My kumareng Karen suggested to have it checked and fixed at the Apple Store, and I might do that because I don't know where else to go. Hopefully they can fix it, or better, replace it. lol. What a day!

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