What's Up Weekend // 1

March 07, 2016

FIRST WEEKEND OF MARCH - Nothing special, BUT! I had my hair done so I'm going to tell you about it :)

1. Teaching my kid stuff is TOUGH.

I'm patient, but why is it that when it comes to teaching my kid, my patience seems to be off to somewhere untraceable. It's all gone. And I hate the feeling that I get impatient, because my kid fears me so much she cries. I cry too. lol. But seriously, it's really tough. Especially when I teach MATH which is TOTALLY NOT MY FORTE. 

She's fine with other subjects, non-numerical subjects. She gets them very fast. But for real, I can feel the pressure and the difficulty of teaching MATH especially for someone like me, whose favorite subject was ENGLISH. lol. I need a tutor and we are on the look out already. I hope to find one whose patience is ALWAYS FULL. I tried different methods everytime, but I guess that will only make her more confuse than she already is. I want her to be good in Math, so she won't be like me. Do you know anyone near Alabang? Please let me know. :)

2. Keratin Complex Treatment at Vivere Salon

Sunday, my family went to Festival Mall, Alabang to chill. My boy got his haircut because his bangs was already poking his eyes. Just the right time my husband thought of a very bright idea. To have my hair done! :) Because he is totally bothered by my hair's natural messy look, and I mean messy like someone-pulled-my-hair-right-after-I-brush-it messy. He told me to get my hair done and it's on him, at first I thought that if I had it done, I won't be able to tie it up on a bun again, but then again, after feeling how rough my hair was, I realized that I do need to have it treated. 

We checked first at Bench Fix since this is our go-to salon when we needed a haircut, but reservation's full. Next, David's Salon, still full. I thought of Freshaire, but he first saw Vivere Salon so we went there, and it was my first time to avail any of their services. 

The place was cozy and not crowded, lighting wasn't dull and didn't have that strong treatment mixture smell which was nice. The place looks expensive, but the services' price did not. Kind of. haha! They offer the following services, which I got from their website.

They also have other services besides Hair, they do Nails and Make-up too.

Or you may visit here for a better view - http://viveresalon.com/services/

I thought of getting their Deep Repair Treament because the description seems to fit my current hair condition. But the expert said that it'll only last 2 to 3 weeks and might need to go back to redo the treatment... I didn't want that. I don't like going back in 2 to 3 weeks. So I availed their Keratin Complex Treatment which we had no idea what it was about so again we asked the expert. Kindly explain what it is?

First, what is Keratin? According to Mr. Google, which led me to this site https://www.keratincomplex.com/about/faq/

Keratin is a protein found naturally in skin, hair and nails, in addition to other sources. In human hair, it acts both as an external protective shield and an internal structural protein. Keratin is the first thing depleted when hair is damaged physically, chemically or from environmental factors such as the sun.

What about Keratin Complex? (source: same website as above)

Keratin Complex’s signature keratin is comparable to the keratin present in human hair. When used in product formulations, keratin helps condition, strengthen, revitalize and repair damage. Keratin gives the hair shine, elasticity and a more youthful, healthy appearance.

Why is my hair so messy and frizzy???

Healthy hair contains proteins (including keratin), water and lipids that work to moisturize and keep strands strong and smooth. With age and damage due to sun and environmental exposure, the hair loses some of these vital components, making it drier and more porous. To compensate, the hair absorbs excess moisture from the air (especially in high-humidity environments), causing the cuticle to swell and thus, producing frizz.

Which means...
Keratin Complex products and services replenish keratin to help seal the cuticle and prevent humidity from entering the hair.

First I thought, my hair will get straight like what rebond does, but technically it seems like it's not. So my hair should look really healthy after 3 days of no rinsing. And I hope it does because it's not cheap. Lol.

I will recommend Vivere Salon because... 

What I like about Vivere Salon is that they are accommodating, their shop is clean and has a good ambiance, their expert looks like a real expert, and seems like he really was and he was confident with his answers on all our questions and he wasn't suggesting anything we don't know or he wasn't trying to sell something we don't like to know. He focused on explaining the difference between Deep Repair Treatment and Keratin Complex Treatment. And we were convinced about the Keratin Complex Treatment procedure, which will last for 1.5 hours, but its effect will last FOREVER! Just kidding! Could last for months! SO I took it and well, it went really smoothly. Also, their assistants were not too insisting to have me buy their products, which is a total plus plus for them because I really hate those whose sales tactics are way beyond irritating. Like why don't they just let us decide when to buy them, right? So yeah.

Here are a few photos I took while I was being treated. I didn't take a lot of selfie because I was busy reading tweets about Aldub's Boracay Date lol! Anyway, on with the photos. Haha!



I had to wear a mask because it got smoky while she was ironing my hair.

I have two days more to see if the Keratin Complex really works. I will blog back to show how my hair looks like after washing it. She told me it should look like the After look, so we'll see. :)

How about you? What was up with your Weekend?

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  1. I feel you. I also had a difficult time reviewing Claire with Math I had to close our door so my growling voice wouldn't be heard well by my inlaws downstairs :-)


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