Friday's Five Happy Things // 1

March 04, 2016

OK, so some have 10, some have several numbers, for me, at least for this week, I can only sum it up to 5. :) Or even less but I guess having less than 5 isn't happy enough (this is just me).

1. Updated my notebook's heading because it's already March.

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2. Reviewing my kid for her check-up tests and assignments makes me feel good about being a mother.

Ok, I sometimes do not do this, her nanny helps her on her studies, but I realized that it shouldn't just be her nanny, given that nannies sometimes did not attend to college/universities, their learning could be affected. So even if I am busy I try to check on how my kid is doing in school. I do not wish her to be in top 10, although if she is that would really be great, but as long as her attitude towards her studies shows that one day she'll be a successful person, that is OK with me. :)

3. Planning to buy a car or a house makes me feel like I matter or that I value my life.

I want to buy my own car. And really I am making a list of all cars I hopefully can afford once I get to a new job. And I hope I can get into a much much better one, so that I can. It will make my life so meaningful by then. I am eyeing on this one, Honda Mobilio:

4. Cooked leche flan, my kid's favorite! Click here for the Recipe!

5. Finally got to update my Jobstreet and Monster profile, trying to look for opportunities with better compensation :)

I really hope I can find a job with a whole lot better compensation, especially my salary. I will not deny that I need to earn because I'm no longer young. That is it. :)

You? How was your week? 
What has been your favorite things lately? :)

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