Monday Mantra // 1

March 14, 2016

It's Monday again and to be honest I really don't feel the positive energy the world is giving this early in the morning, so I have to force myself to keep it all together, else, I will end up miserable and again, sulking until eternity.

I said no carbs ever again, but there I was, an empty piece of a shell, minding my own world and bought Grande Hot Cafe Mocha and I just had one yesterday which I believe I haven't burn yet. But because I needed to boost myself up and fill my body with energy, I realized I might just have one.

First I thought of buying just a Tall cup, then changed it to a Grande because I just had to. lol. I had it with non-fat milk, no whipped cream to make me less guilty for having one. The barista was scribbling on my cup and when it's done, the words "Keep Smilling, Mariel" was written and I was like, "What is SMILLING?" hahaha anyway, I got the thought and I went "Aww.. *moment of silence and teary eyes* yes ate, I will never get tired of smiling, it's my best asset and yeah, will never get tired of it".

Keep Smiling.

Until now I cannot forget that and really, we just have to keep smiling to attract positive vibes and at the same time, share it to those who need it as well. I will smile today, smiled yesterday, tomorrow and forever. Have a Happy Monday!

Show off your best smile today! Here's mine. :)

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  1. I miss you Marielski and seeing you in the office! But no matter where life/work leads us, keep that perfect smile! Sayang ang money for the braces if you don't show your perfect smile. LOL!

  2. hahaha! oo nga eh! Gusto ko na to matanggal para mas perfect ang smile at smile na lang ako ng smile kapag may nakitang tao, parang baliw na. hahaha joke!! Miss you too Karen!! mwah!!!!


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