Staycation at Vivere Hotel

March 31, 2016

For the longest time, we've never had any staycation and Easter egg hunting experience. My kids know about the egg hunting because of the movie "Rise of the Guardians". Last week's events made it possible, especially the weather really was getting into our heads and the only escape is to go someplace else. :) My wish from last week came true though ;)


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This place is close to our hearts. When we got married, we chose Vivere for our wedding reception. Their wedding packages are the best and most affordable for me. The price is worth it. So for our first staycation ever, Vivere was the best choice because of affordability and *yeah I'm a little biased*, but of course, the value for money is important.

We checked other hotels nearby, but the rooms doesn't include children; instead of getting just 1 room for the 4 of us, we are required to get 2 rooms, which is not our option.

There were no changes *I guess* in terms of the buildings and stuff. It's the first time we actually were able to visit their other amenities because when we had our honeymoon, we stayed the entire night in our room. OF COURSE! lol. Anyway, my kids enjoyed the pool and their play house. And our room was very nice.

My kids rarely *as in RARELY* experience hotel accommodations and the space our room had, for them, it seems like it's really spacious. My youngest kept on running around, back and forth, sliding on the floor, checking his reflection on the mirrors. It's funny because he really liked the room, and my eldest loved the bed. They were so excited to jump in the hotel's Lama pool they kept saying it over and over that they needed to change to their swimming attires. :)

Our room was on the 22nd floor. :) In case we were given floor lower than 10, we'd request to be relocated at a higher one. Our room was an Executive Suite. Not bad :) I love it. Click here for more information about this room, and other rooms they offer.

Our view outside.

Lama Pool



The hotel also has an open access to its Rooftop Restaurant they call "The Nest". It was called Skyline before if you've been here before. :)If you feel like dining fancy and lazy to go somewhere far, Vivere's "The Nest" is a good choice. Nice ambience and food. :)

Of course, I didn't miss the chance to have my me time by soaking myself in the tub for almost an hour. haha. :)

This is all I can show you guys. Bubbles. :D


We booked our visit via I used to go to, but I guess is more convinient and more transparent. They won't charge you right away. You will be charged when you check-out at the hotel. So that's a plus points for me.

Our experience for one night is superb. We were able to relax and enjoy our holy week, and the kids enjoyed it very much which is the most important thing for me. Vivere made it possible for my kids to just be kids and enjoy life. :)

Book your next staycation at Vivere, you won't regret it. :) Visit their site if you wish to know more :)

Below is my review of the hotel. :)

Dislaimer: This is not requested by Payless nor anyone from their company. Neither a paid ad. This is just my take on my experience. :) 
I will blog about something if I like it very  much OR I hate it very much. :)

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