What's Up Weekend // 2

March 21, 2016

The heat is scorching but we haven’t scheduled any swimming outing yet, but since School has officially ended and Summer break has officially began, we started it off by attending one of my godson’s 7th birthday party. Haha!

Remember my post about my daughter's birthdayparty and how proud I was of myself for making the most amazing backdrop standees ever?! To refresh your memory, here’s a quick throwback. Lol.

I made my godson’s backdrop standees for his birthday with the theme Reel Steel. So that means, ROBOTS!. I was excited as I was going to make another one for my hobby, and at the same time I get to practice making more and looking at improvements I can make, there are lots of it but it’ll take time, but we’ll get there.

Making Atom and Midas is such an honor. Lol. Seriously they should be tall otherwise they won’t be considered “Astig” or “Cool” and I really had a great time making them. I was a fan I had a selfie with them. hahaha!

On his birthday party, I saw them standing tall and proud on the stage I felt like their real mom. HAHA! Sounds crazy but again the feeling is priceless.

My godson’s birthday party was a success! The kids enjoyed the party, good host and also the inflatable was murdered. Lol, just kidding! The kids obviously had a great time! My kids had a wonderful time and didn't care even if they were tired or whatever :)

Party host was Gen Galisim, she's OK, nice voice and nice dance pakulo for the kids and all guests and you can get her for your own party! :) (I'll get it and update this post)

Look how fun the kids were having, they killed the inflatables! haha. I'm impressed as this is a good quality inflatables, otherwise it would've deflated minutes when it opened. =)

So that's how we spent the last weekends, and hoping to spend the next ones MORE fun and exciting. And I am hoping for beach or pool or road trip. Haha! 

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