Beauty Break // 1

April 02, 2016

Today, April 2, is my brother-in-law's church wedding and my hair isn't looking well and I just don't have the time to do it like I used to enjoy braiding it. So I had it cut just cause. :D

My "Before" Look
My hair was this long and on my previous blog, I had Keratin Complex treatment from Vivere Salon. It wasn't so bad but it didn't turn out very well either. I told  that I was going to return blog after three days to show how it looks like after washing it off but forgot about it, so Sorry :) lol, and this "Before" photo looks OK because I brushed it really well. Right after I washed my hair off 3 days after the treatment, the straightness was lessen and the tips were flying away, so I wasn't totally happy about the result, I'm slightly disappointed. Anyway, cutting it would make me feel better. So I did.

Visited Bench Fix today at Festival Mall, Alabang to push my decision to chop my hair off so there'll be no turning back, cause I was having second thoughts. But I told myself it's gonna grow back and tomorrow will only be a hair problem, so I really have to do it.

My "After" Look
 So, 30 minutes after, THIS is my final look. Lol. Don't I look gorgeous??? OF COURSE! Thanks to Mr. Rod of Benchfix Festival Mall for making me pretty today.I love it and so did everyone. :)

Last thursday, my brother-in-law's wife, his cousin and I went to have a relaxing massage and mani-pedi at Nailandia, BF Homes Parañaque. It was my first time there cause I don't live there and it's far from me and well I just didn't know the place existed.

Cozy :)

There was only 1 massage room. :(
 It's a cozy little place and cute. :) Cousin bought the Massage+Mani OR Pedi deal from Metrodeal. I had a massage, mani AND pedi so I don't have to think of doing my own nails before everything gets busy.

SO dedicated. :) I felt like a Queen. 
The Ates who did my nails and ate on the right massaged me.

Hello, says my ginger-like feet.
I wanted pixie dusts on my nails so I chose silver and pastel blue, which is +100 pesos. Look at those pretty done nails. Massage was OK, I wanted one so it's better than none. :)

It was all pampering and stuff and I love that I managed to relax even for a bit and feel good about myself by making myself pretty. Even if it's just once in a while. It isn't a crime, right? :) 

So how about you? What do you do for Beauty Break? :)

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  1. Short hair, don't care ka na naman! :) Wala pa ako guts to cut my hair that short. Penge nga! Hahaha.

  2. Glad you had your hair cut short! I want to cut my hair too, because it's really hot! Summer na summer na haha but I'm going on a beach trip soon and I want my long hair to appear on photos hahaha

    So cute ng nail polish! I usually go for pedi only. Nasasayangan ako sa mani kasi lgi ko gamit kamay ko, sayang yung nail polish haha


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