Eggspedition At Piazza

April 29, 2016

This is a late post, but whatever. lol. It was my children's first time to experience egg hunting at Easter and they were excited as I was because it was my first time too. :) I never had the chance to hunt eggs when I was young because we celebrated Easter differently. But anyways, it was all fun and exciting.

This was also my kids' first time to see the Venice at Piazza, Mckinley. Well, they didn't have any idea what the bridge was famous for, but still seeing a bridge over greenish water is still a joy. :) Taking photos as a guests (not an employee) felt a bit different. lol.

Joining the Spongebob's Eggspedition wasn't planned at all. We dropped my husband at Mckinley for he was going to work on a Sunday and just the right moment that there was an event for kids. Only that we needed to have at least 1K worth of purchase from any of the Piazza Establishments, I learned it as I threw the receipts I got for lunch worth 1,000 PHP. So to be able to join, I had to pick up/ beg/ ask for receipts from customers who didn't need theirs. lol. It was a bit embarassing, but it was for my kids so what the heck! :) They were the happiest when we got to enter the venue and played around and do stuff like jumping and making their own pizza.

These were the activities they had for kids and it was all thrilling (for my kids). For moms/dads/parents, it was exhausting of course, lol, but seeing your kids having fun and you did just the right thing to give it to them, it's worth the exhaustion. :)

My kids enjoyed all of the activities, especially the face painting, pizza making and the egg hunt. :) I did the hunting because they didn't have any idea what we were hunting for and I told them we were hunting eggs and there's a surprise in it. When we found one, my kids were estatic. Then we found another one, they were so eager to look for more! :) But alas, we only found two. But it's was ok. Next year, I'll prepare egg hunting inside our house with special gifts for them. :)

The Venice at Night. Isn't it nice? :)

It was tiring really, and my kids were both knocked down when we arrived home. They enjoyed it, I enjoyed it and they didn't stop talking about it and how proud they were of me for hunting 2 eggs and giving them the gifts. :) What a joy to give simple joys to my kids. :) I love them so much.

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