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June 17, 2016

Who doesn't love online shopping? Who doesn't, right??? (men? lol) Anyway, the convenience of online shopping has brought almost majority of beauty products sold online, instagram, facebook, shopify, you name it. Some doubts arise only when it comes to payment. Some people does become victim of online shopping SCAM. Which makes me think WHY DOES ONE HAVE TO TRICK PEOPLE IN BUYING STUFF ONLINE AND JUST SCAM THEM, like WHY? Why not make trying to make a living legit and honest and clean, and trustworthy, right? ANYWAY, setting my frustration over scammers aside, Cash on Delivery makes it a bit relieving upon receipt of your product upon delivery, because you can give it back if it's not what you expect.
I've been shopping in Zalora since I learned about it. And today I had my eye on this beauty. The link to this product no longer exists, ha! when I shopped, there were only 2 left in stock. :)

It's the Makeup Revolution 100 eye shadow palette from http://www.makeuprevolutionstore.com/ . I know some reviews were not in favor of this brand/product, but I've got to try it myself, because maybe my own experience is different. Plus I am not really that make-up expert to really be into deep on this kind of product. So as long as it colors my eyes and help me look even prettier (yes I believe I am already pretty without make up on) then it's a good product for me.

This is worth PHP 1,390 and yes, I paid it on Cash on Delivery. Although you might say that COD can give you a little doubt that the messenger might not wire the payment, but it's already out of your hand. You've given them the product, you received what you ordered, meaning, the delivery guy handed you the thing and took your money. But nevertheless this incident haven't happened yet and I haven't heard any news/issue for such thing so I think it's still worth the trust that you choose COD. :)

It has a little crack though, and it's the black eye shadow, BUT, hmm I'm not really mad, I can let it pass right now. If it were more than 1, might've called Zalora right away. :)

I will or I will try to make a review of this make up. Never really good at doing reviews, or even video reviews, I might try one time haha. So yeah, I'll blog again soon! :)

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