Product Review: Unic UC46 1200 Lumens

March 28, 2017

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This purchase was just a sudden thought. It popped up in my head and decided that I would like to try Lazada's affordable products, particularly this one. A Portable LED Projector.

You may view the full description of the product here.
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Currently, the item is sold-out :) But to my surprise, the product lived up to my expectation.

Our room is just a 16-ish sqm large and it's been our dream to have our very own home theater. Checking out projectors in the market was really a bit of an expensive haul and we thought of waiting for sale at the mall or second hand projectors we can buy online. But because Lazada has been emerging on selling affordable products online, I tried to check out one from it.

I ordered the projector the night of March 18, 2017. It arrived before lunch of March 19, 2017. I always purchase via Cash On Delivery because of security concerns, but Lazada always deliver so there's no problem with it (and it prevents me from purchasing more, hehe). 

At first I had a doubt it would work, but yes it did. :) We tried it first by using white blanket we have, put it up on the wall and fired a movie away.

We were watching Storks
The kids loved it. And called it "watching-on-kumot". Because we used blanket for the screen. :)

Hubby thought of making it more like a part of our room, so he decided to groom it up. We checked out Projector Screen in Lazada and found some with prices ranging from PHP 749 and above. The description gave us an idea to just go for the cheaper one. Projector Screens are merely just Blank Tarpauline. So we bought a tarpauline at Ace Hardware which cost us PHP 300. :)

So this is how it looked like when we placed it in our room. It is 2 meters long.

We also mounted the projector on our ceiling :) This is just an improvision. I love how my hubby's mind work. :)

The projector can be used independently of laptop. You may directly use it with USB or HardDrive. It also have AV Jack and HDMI port. :)

We use Bluetooth Speaker for the sound.

Below are the sample actual photos while watching. I'm only using my phone so excuse the quality. But in real life, it's really OK :)

We were watching SING.

We were watching The Last Samurai.

I gave the product 4 stars. It should've been 5, but I submitted it too early :) 

Overall, I appreciated the product for real. It's a very good buy. Other buyers seem to really have liked it as much as I did. :) I am glad I purchased it, so now we have our very own Mini Home Theater. :)

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