PLACES: Baguio City

April 07, 2017

Aside from Tagaytay, Baguio City is one of the best place to cool down especially during this hot summer season in the Philippines. Travelling to this awesome place has also been shortened from roughly 9 hours to 5 hours. Thanks to TPLEX that made the short trip possible. It wouldn't be "that much" lazy to visit the place every once in a while, hehe. Most especially that we're able to find comfort in the middle of the forest that lays up at Camp John Hay.

This year, we went up to Baguio, twice. First was last March, and then 2nd was just last April 1-2. We enjoyed our time and our kids loved the weather, the activities and the food.

Aside from the usual Biking at Burnham Park, Picture taking with the famous St. Bernard at Mines View Park, hoarding Ube and Strawberry Jams at Good Sheperd and Picking expensive Strawberries at Strawberry Farm, we spent most of the time at Camp John Hay.

There was this small picnic ground with Mini Golf Course, Playground and Ground allotted for tents. There is also a mini biking area where you can rent bikes and drive around. Tree Top Adventure is also located in Camp John Hay, unfortunately I wasn't able to try it :(

During our first visit, we stayed at Travelite Express Hotel located at Burnham Park. Affordable and suits short trips especially if you will spend most of your time outside. Doesn't have its own restaurant, but it is surrounded by plenty of food chains. It's neat and cozy and good for quick visits.

On our second visit though, we decided to stay at the hotels in Camp John Hay. The Manor was our first choice, but all rooms were booked for April 1-2, so we switched to The Forest Lodge. No regrets as this hotel is super duper cozy and we really liked the place. It's built side by side The Manor so you can actually hop on both hotels since The Manor put on up displays at their garden. The Forest Lodge also have playground for kids (with fee though) and own restaurants called The Twist.

Below are some photos of The Forest Lodge Hotel.

Isn't the place super cozy ? Only drawback is that their hotel rate does not include Breakfast. So if they do this, my 4.5 stars will be 5. :) But seriously I hope they'd reconsider.

Other things we did, Horseback Ride which my kids enjoyed so much. My youngest being scared of the St. Bernard insisted he wanted to ride his horse Magic all by himself. He's only 4. But of course that cannot happen. :) Also did Mini Golf once again and stayed mostly in the hotel since it's worth the stay. :) It has no aircon, which is no need since it's already cold outside and even inside! It was amazing.

It's a sunny day when we visited but the cool fresh breeze from the mountain is nothing compared to the polluted city of Manila. We will definitely go back and we hope to stay at The Manor this time. No big deal, but we just wanted to experience it :)

Hope you all have a great summer and spend it very well. :) I hope to spend it wisely with my kids too. ;) 

Happy Summer, Philippines!

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