Chararant #1

January 29, 2018

What is more relaxing than ranting and ranting and ranting? Hear me out!

Ok, so I may not know who you are, nor where you're from, as long as you love me ang peg? Char! Anyhoo, to be honest, I do not know what to rant about hahaha. I just felt like this blog has been left out for quite sometime now and I don't get to see why I still keep this site though I rarely blog or update or do not even know if someone's still visiting. But my conscience whispers to me that I need to keep this blog. I really do. lol.

Christmas have gone and it's a New Year to spend another life and I plan to make this year remarkable once again. Last year was amazing. I gave birth to a healthy baby handsome boy that I couldn't believe I already love my whole life. My family grew bigger and I can't explain how I really am feeling. It's just amazing. He's very gwapo and cute and mabango. Halikamoy is ON and on repeat! =)) Grabe lang, I love my family so much!

Work is so-so. I am torn between resting for a year (resigning) and getting a higher paying company where in work-from-home and flexi time is on top criteria in transferring to. I am fine with where I am right now, but the salary has been declining so fast that a lot of people have been moving out like hot cakes! I've been asking for signs and I guess I've been ignoring it because I fear of losing my source of income to satisfy my own needs and let's face it, my kakarampot na salary still helps out in our house's bill, kid's education and R&R sometimes, so resigning all of a sudden is like not buying that lipstick, but still you bought it. Haha. So, yeah. I cannot wait until I am decided with what to do with my life.

Most of the time I just stare at the wall thinking of what might come next. I am excited to move in to our new home that is finally built --- in my imagination . Haha! We still need to earn the downpayment and work our asses off for 10 more years. My golly wow. How can we ever win the lottery if we don't bet?! haha!

Ok. I am done here. There's a lot of things to say, but I will just type it later. I am going to make my son's homework from last week which is to print photos from the Field Trip and paste it on a cartolina. I am back to Grade 1. :)

Ciao for now.

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