MOVIE: Call me by your name

February 03, 2018

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Have you watched this movie yet? No? Let me convince you. (Or at least let me try :) )
I rate this movie 5/5 stars :)

So, if you are open and accepts how the world is changing and believe that love wins, this movie tells you just how a love can blossom from a total stranger to someone whom you cannot live without.

WARNING: SPOILERS. If you have not seen this movie just yet and plans to, you still have a chance to close this window and wander somewhere else. I thank you for visiting but really this movie just can't be spoiled. I know I may over react but if I would watch this, I would watch this the first time and no knowledge about it.

OK, so if you are reading this maybe you just can't wait to know something about it. But I won't be spilling much. So, it's a love story, definitely, of two people who just met and eventually liked each other but not sure if they really did. Until one day, one of them let it out.

Call Me By Your Name would be one of my favorite movie of 2018. It was nothing but pure love and butterflies in my stomach. I remember how Elio looks at Oliver like he's just so happy that he can see him. Just loving him from afar, until they both know they love each other.

Plus, Italy is so beautiful. I wanted to go, right when I finished the movie. Every scene is amazing.

I also admire Luca's direction. I have read somewhere that they filmed the movie how the scene were taken, like it was sequential. So they know how the story goes, which goes next and it's like telling the story as it is. I love it. Everything. The cast.

And Timothee Chalamet. Who wouldn't love this kid. It's my first time to actually see him. His nominations in Golden Globes got me curious as well as the film. Armie Hammer. Didn't know until then and I'm glad I know him now. These two are amazing versatile actors.

So, I guess not much of a spoiler but I am telling you that it's worth watching. All the feels and just everything. Hard to explain. I am happy that I got to watch this wonderful film. Just love. <3

One of my favorite scene wherein Elio was trying to impress/mock Oliver and just felt so kilig watching it.

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