Morning thoughts: I am sad that I haven’t lost weight

December 16, 2018

Ok, so you might say that I maybe shaming other girls because they love their shape or skin, but it isn’t my case or some other girls’ case because there really are some who feels like they need to lose weight because they feel better that way. Like me.

My post partum weight stopped at 59-ish going 60 kilos. I kept on minimizing meals, choosing only protein, but at the end of the day I kept gobbling on food I should be avoiding. It makes it hard for me to lose weight because let’s face it, IT FEELS SO GOOD TO EAT, especially if the food tastes really really good.

I wish to lose a lot by next year. Like, there isn’t anything that I can do, especially during this holiday season. But I do wish that I may start eating healthy by next year. Planning on stuffing protein but I think I should also eat veggies.

So, there goes the universal resolution 😂

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