My "Want List"

I have been thinking of making this list of things that I really really really want to buy, unnecessary things that even if I'm running out of budget I'd still spare some of it until my want for it passes. lol.

So, it might be a long list, might be not, and in no particular order I will list it as how it popped in my head 😂
  • Iphone X casing - Lifeproof Fré : $89.99
  • Anastacia Brow Pomade in Dark Brown : PHP 1,255
  • Anastacia Brow brush #14 : PHP 1,255
  • Some expensive bag (Coach, MK, Longchamp, Katespade,whatever)
  • Some mid-heeled shoes
  • HP Sprocket - 2/1/19
  • IPAD pro - 2/13/19
  • Apple Pen - 2/13/19
  • Cute laptop bag - 2/13/19
  • Peach colored make-up palette - 3/4/19
  • Revlon Hair Dryer and Volumizer - 3/5/19
  • G-Shock Like Watch - 3/6/19
Jan. 28, 2019
Ok this is just some of the things that popped at the moment but I am pretty sure it is long like subconsciously-long. Sometimes I dream about these things and I want to buy them the moment I wake up. Haha! So yeah I think the list will stay this short for now.. Let's see in the next few days, or seconds hahahaha

Feb. 1, 2019
I added HP sprocket or any mobile printer I can use for photo printing of some sort. I don't really know why but I would like to carry this especially during trips but I don't think I really need it. I do not think that I do 😂

Feb. 13, 2019
Yeah added some more lol

March 3, 2019
Added Peach colored-make-up Palette hahaha

March 5, 2019
Added hair dryer/volumizer

March 6, 2019
So, yeah, I have been thinking of the watch, so anything that is G-Shock like. 😁

  • So instead of buying Lifeproof Fre, I bought Otterbox Pursuit, which is $20 cheaper and well, it matches my taste and probably had made it to my liking for buying a simpler, cheaper phone casing. And when I bought it, I was happy. Really happy. :)

  • Instead of buying Anastacia Brow Pomade, I bought Colourpop Brow Pomade which is also waaaay cheaper than Anastacia's. It's only PHP 500 I bought from BeautyMNL. I am very happy with it and it made my kilay alive so I stan it. Haha!


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