My "Want List" ver. 2

February 07, 2020

Here I am again, enlisting the use-less (not all) stuff that I've been itching to buy and listing them here until time passes by and I no longer want to splurge on these useless stuff.

Last year, I blogged about it and kept it updated with the stuff that comes into my mind and just list it there and when I get to buy them. Some are exactly what I wanted, some are dupes! Which is nice because I can save a lot and at the same time, the itch got scratched. Haha. So anyway, just a re-cap, 2019 wants granted:

  • Iphone X casing - Lifeproof Fré : $89.99
  • Anastacia Brow Pomade in Dark Brown : PHP 1,255
  • Anastacia Brow brush #14 : PHP 1,255
  • Some expensive bag (Coach, MK, Longchamp, Katespade,whatever)
  • Some mid-heeled shoes
  • HP Sprocket - 2/1/19
  • IPAD pro - 2/13/19
  • Apple Pen - 2/13/19
  • Cute laptop bag - 2/13/19
  • Peach colored make-up palette - 3/4/19
  • Revlon Hair Dryer and Volumizer - 3/5/19
  • G-Shock Like Watch - 3/6/19
  • Lacoste Reversible bag - 3/21/19
I am happy that MOST of it came true, except for the Brow Brush, expensive bag and HP Sprocket, which I totally can live without. Anyway, I don't think I'd want to buy them anymore, so let's just leave that be.

Now. Onto my 2020 want list, I will keep this blog updated with it. I haven't thought of anything to splurge yet, but no, I actually do. =)) I just need to itemized as there are TONS of it. And maybe list it as how I really really want to have it or I can just let it go by without listing it.

SO, I'll be back. =)) 

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